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Dress me to School.

It costs €10 to successfully dress a pupil in rural Tanzania, covering fabric, labour, utility, packaging and last-mile distribution. Help us Provide School Uniforms to 5,000 Children from Underserved Communities in Tanzania.

How to donate:

If you are from Tanzania donate through lipa namba9577102, all networks/all banks. If you are not from Tanzania or prefer other method of payment, use the button below orhere through gofundme



Tanzania has more than 18.000 primary schools, about 95% of these are government schools. To ensure access to education, government schools are free of charge since 2016.

However, the school uniform (the uniform is compulsory!), food and school supplies lead to costs which are not affordable for many families. According to statistics 60% of the students can only afford one pair of uniform. Some of them can’t even afford one. The kids then are forced to either stay at home, find a paid job to support the family or attend school with worn out clothes which leads to another stigma.


Project Summary.

Tabasamu e.V. in partnership with Fundi App and the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) Tanzania introduces the Nivishe Nisome Project which is a CSR initiative designed to distribute school uniforms for free to young girls and boys in primary schools in underserved communities in Tanzania. We believe that uniforms empower children to carry out their dreams, because something as small as lack of a uniform can often be a deterring factor in the lives of children in rural communities. The project is launched under the conviction that no child should have to miss school because of lack of a proper uniform. Each uniform kit that we will provide under this project will include a free size school skirt/ shorts and shirt that they can grow up with for a while.


Phase 1.

In collaboration with the Office of the Regional Commissioner Dodoma, we have identified six primary schools in the region where this problem is most prominent and where we implement phase 1 of this inspirational project. Our goal is to distribute 5,000 uniforms in phase 1 of the project until the end of December 2021. As a young social business, Fundi App is committed to donate 2,000 school uniforms and is looking for supporters to offset the difference of 3,000 units.

In our effort to empower women in the business industry, we have sourced an all- female workforce of 70 tailors who recently graduated from VETA Dodoma to exclusively work with us to sew the better future for the underprivileged children in rural Dodoma and help us make this project a success.

Phase 2 & 3.

Phase 2 and 3 will then reach out to Morogoro and Lindi area.


About Us.

Tabasamu a German based NGO founded in 2017. The main focus is to support educational and womens projects through financial means and expertise mainly in Tanzania.

Fundi a social venture registered and headquartered in Tanzania uses digital technologies to connect vetted and background checked artisans in the informal sector with customers and opportunities in the wider market. They also work with institutional partners such as the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) Tanzania to provide upskilling and reskilling programs to handypersons in the informal sector. Since the establishment in 2019, they have on-boarded and worked with over 1,000 artisans (plumbers, electricians, masons, tailors and painters) from all over Tanzania.

Media companies such asEfm radio Tanzaniahave already confirmed their support in order to get attention of the project in Tanzania.

Reach Out & Join the Cause.

We will manage this fundraiser with the utmost transparency, 100% of the funds will be used to provide the school uniforms , with the aim to eradicate poverty through education.

We call upon you to support a movement that will clothe the next generation of leaders in Tanzania as we raise financial support to cover the cost and dress the 5,000 students planned goal for phase 1.

DRESS A STUDENT TODAY-because education is the key to a more self- determined future.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:Sharing is caring! Please, help us spread the word and make sure this fundraiser reaches as many people as possible. Every Euro counts. Thank you! Asante sana!

Nivishe Nisome

Help us Provide School Uniforms to 5,000 Children from Underserved Communities in Tanzania.

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